A Gripe About the Gearing System

Любі теми, які не ввійшли в попередні розділи

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A Gripe About the Gearing System

Повідомлення Donnieclark » 06 грудня 2017, 12:43

Hi all,

So I came back to the game from a long hiatus. I freely admit I didn't understand the confusing gearing system. I THOUGHT I understood it, but whatever. Anyhow, as I gained GEMINI equipment from command crates I took off my Iokath gear and tossed it. Now I find I'm screwed as far as getting the T4 gear because I needed that Iokath? I don't feel I should be penalized for not being here when that whole system was rolled out. Now the only way for me to get my gear--that I can tell--is either to hope for RNG (it won't happen, I opened 200 and got nothing), or buy T2-->T3-->T4, which means I have to collect like 3x the UC for a single piece of gear.

For more details:

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