Strange google redirect virus

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Strange google redirect virus

Повідомлення Donnieclark » 14 листопада 2017, 15:22


I type in my search query and press search. instead of showing a list of search results my Chrome browser displays an image of the previous page i was looking at before i went to my home page. It is merely an image as none of the links will work and my cursor is indicating that it is picking up the links that should be on the google result page. I looked at the page source for two different browser pages that should be the same, one showing my search results and one showing an image of the previous page. I copied and pasted them each into two separate word documents and then did a comparison and there were quite a few differences. One thing i did notice was in a lot of the script that was inserted into the corrupted page had the phrase "AdGo" in it. Could this be a clue?


For More Details:

2d explainer video
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