Why can't my Vista machine see my XP shares

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Why can't my Vista machine see my XP shares

Повідомлення Donnieclark » 14 листопада 2017, 15:20


I have 7 computers all networked together. My "Main" computer is named "C210" and is running Windows XP. Four others are also running XP, 1 running Ubuntu, and then the last one is running Vista 64. They all have shared folders. C210 has the largest share and all of the printers attached. All computers can read/write files with each other and all can access the C210 printers without a problem ... except when it comes to the Vista machine. Vista can read and write to all of the other machines except for C210. It can see C210 on the network but trying to view it's shares always asks for a login. None of the other computers ask for a login, only C210. And of course, the login is never correct. The same usernames and passwords exist, simple file sharing enabled or disabled doesn't make difference, guest account enabled/disabled makes no difference, it is the same workgroup name across all computers. I've uninstalled Norton on C210 to see if that was the problem, no difference. I can ping C210 from Vista with no problem so it is being seen. Trying to do "net view \\C210" returns "System error 5 has occured. Access is denied." but trying a different machine name works just fine and shows all of the shares on that machine.


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